• Introducing Fever Detector IR384

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Your Home - A Pocket Away

Our Expertise

EyeCloud Inc. is an artificial intelligence company that employs computer vision technology on embedded systems to design first-class security solutions.

What is Sticker-Eye ?

Sticker-Eye camera is the first standalone battery-powered home security camera with built-in AI that lets you capture the moment that matters in the proximity of your home.

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"This camera has been working flawlessly to monitor my front entrance. It is a great device for any kind of outdoor or indoor monitoring. So far, I haven't needed to manage this device at all, except to charge the battery when needed."

Patricia - Amazon Customer

"So far I found it an excellent image quality, I had no problems getting it up and running.  The quality is very beautiful."

Roldan Osmar

"By far this is the best camera I can find in the market. It has all the fancy features. Face Recognition let me ignore useless Alerts, only useful alerts were pushed to my phone, this is very very useful. Battery is also much better than all other battery powered cameras in the market. Highly recommend it!."

Justin - Amazon Customer

OpenNCC Knight

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Introducing our New Fever Detector IR384

Fever Detector IR384

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