Wire-Free AI Smart Home Camera

Special Features

  • Saving Money

    Sticker-Eye Cam eliminates monthly fees required by other AI security cameras, by providing edge-computing running on device and encrypted local  storage, saving more than $30/year and eliminate service fee hassles...

  • Smart Alert

    With Most advanced AI technology,Sticker-Eye could detect person and recognize Face according to setting,and give you smart alerting with no false alerts anymore 

  • Easy to Install

    Wire-Free Design, head-standing / standing,  Magnet Mount, TheftProof Mount. easy to install and easy to move to anywhere you want


What are the detection modes and how does Sticker-Eye Cam use them?

Sticker-Eye comes with the following detection modes:

1)Motion Detection

The camera detects and records any type of motion (including people). If you enable

Motion Detection, you’ll receive notifications on your phone each time Sticker-Eye

detects motion.

2)Person Detection

The camera detects and records people only. If you enable Person Detection, Motion

Detection will automatically turn on, but the camera will start filtering the information

and will send you notifications only when people pass by.

3)Face Recognition

Once you’ve uploaded a close-up face image of a family member/friend on the app

and enabled this feature, the camera will notify you each time a stranger or a familiar person  (if you select so) passes by.

How much degree of freedom can be camera view angle rotate?

1)Horizontal ±35 degrees and Vertical 0-60 degrees

2)TheftProof mount will enable the horizontall freedom to 360 degree

What is the weatherproof grade and could I set the Sticker-Eye outdoors?

Current Sticker-Eye camera has a weatherproof grade of IP54, which means:

1)Protection from splashing water and light showers;

2)Protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material 

So it is OK to set your Sticker-Eye camera outdoors, but please avoid putting it under soaking rain and direct sunlight:

Please set the Sticker-Eye camera inside your porch, under eave, under a tree branch, or other places that help the device avoiding direct exposure in rain.Please make sure the rubber covers at the bottom and charging port are tightly inserted in their position for sealing purpose. For outdoor use it is recommended to put the camera in bottom-up (headstand) position.

What do I do if local storage reaches full capacity?

There is nothing specific you need to do about it. When the internal storage reaches 95%, the oldest videos are automatically erased, making space for the latest ones. If you wish to save certain videos, you can download them to your phone via app.

Sticker-Eye Support Videos & Documents

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