What is Sticker-Eye?

Sticker-Eye Cam is the first standalone battery-powered home security camera with built-in AI that lets you capture the moment that matters in the proximity of your home.

Special Features

  • Cordless and Wireless

    Sticker-Eye is an independent, flexible, cordless device. You don't have to worry about cable management, the dust that might gather on the wiring, your cat chewing the cords, or about a power outage.

  • Easy-to-Mount

    EyeCloudCam can be placed on any horizontal area or can be sticked to a vertical surface, ceiling or roof in a jiffy.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    Sticker-Eye comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. To enhance the experience, we've managed to extend the battery life by using a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery inside the Sticker-Eye.

  • Eliminate Most False Alerts

    Our powerful AI algorithms allow us to eliminate most false alerts. Sticker-Eye is gifted with two powerful person detection and face recognition algorithms.

  • Superior Data Privacy

    Our solution allows on-device processing, without requiring an internet connection, and provides a high-level of protection similar to bank-grade encryption, to ensure that your sensitive data stays with you only and as safe as possible.

  • 24/7 Crisp Videos and Livestreaming

    Truly wireless, portable, weatherproof, Sticker-Eye is the perfect solution for your outdoor security and safety needs, recording 1080p videos, day and night, at a 110° viewing angle.

Our Expertise

EyeCloud is an artificial intelligence company that employs computer vision technology on embedded systems to design first-class security solutions.


Is night vision working on my Sticker-Eye Cam?

Sticker-Eye Cam has a high-performance monitoring day and night! You don’t need to worry when the sun sets! With an ambient sensor that measures the light’s intensity, Sticker-Eye Cam switches automatically to night mode when needed.

Does Sticker-Eye Cam have an integrated siren?

Yes! Sticker-Eye Cam has a built-in siren that plays directly from the device. You can choose to trigger it manually while live streaming or to be played automatically while a person or motion is detected.

Will the system recognize familiar faces and not trigger recordings?

Yes! You can upload familiar faces in your library on the Sticker-Eye App. Once you activate the Face Recognition mode, those familiar faces will be detected. If you enable Face Recognition, you can choose to receive or block Notifications when the device detects faces from your Face Library.