About Us

Who are we?

Sticker-Eye represents a product line designed and manufactured by Eyecloud Inc., a company based in San Jose, California.

What is Sticker-Eye?

Sticker-Eye Camera is the first standalone battery-powered home security camera with built-in AI that lets you capture the moment that matters the most in the proximity of your home.

Why our products?

We design our products according to the highest standards of the market. We offer high quality customer support and release software versions very often to ensure you privacy and experience are meeting your expectations.

What is Sticker-Eye Store?

Sticker-Eye Store is a dedicated online store which promotes our Sticker-Eye related products. At the moment we sell only in the US and in Europe via this online store.

For more info related to our Sticker-Eye Camera features visit the Sticker-Eye Page.


Eyecloud Inc.

Eyecloud Inc. is an artificial intelligence company that employs computer vision technology on embedded systems to design first-class security solutions.
171 Branham Lane Ste 10 #243
San Jose, California
contact: social@eyecloud.ai