Fever Detector IR384

OpenNCC AI based Fever Screener


Our Solution

    To contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,we have created a Telethermographic System Intended for Adjunctive Diagnostic Screening solution based on Intel VPU. OpenNCC AI based Fever Screener Deployment Solution consists of OpenNCC IR384 thermal camera, Thermal Blackbody device, Smart display monitor, and OpenNCC View software and SDK. It is a one-stop-shopping solution for automatic fever detection, which can be used in large crowd places such as airports, hospitals, campuses, etc., to help reduce the burden for staffs, nurses, and doctors. It can help reduce the work of staffs, nurses and doctors, and help in the fight against COVID-19.



• High accuracy non-contact body temperature measurement, <±0.3°
• Full frame temperature map with auto-calibration
• Multiple lens options can be selected based on 1 m – 10 m measurment use cases
• Thermal Imaging with Pseudo-color video output
• Small form factor, easy for installation and deployment
• Embedded AI processor supports object detection/recognition models
• SDK tools to support customized development and system integration
• NDAA Compliant



Other Temperature measurement applications during the Pandemic


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